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iPhone / Street Photography / Travel

A terrific combination!



  • It’s in your pocket. Or better, yet, it’s in your hand. All the time! Everywhere! When you need it!

  • It’s light-weight, small and unobtrusive! I even carry a spare!

  • It’s capable! It can’t do absolutely everything, true. But what you can do with it is amazing!

  • It’s challenging. Be creative. Take advantage of its constraints. Or work around them.

  • It’s a portable darkroom. Dodge, burn, crop, spot, enhance, and so much more. All in the palm of your hand.

  • It will lighten your load. Take along books and magazines, guide books, manuals, magazines, a typewriter, computer, music, translator, currency converter, encyclopedia, maps, mail, contacts, reviews, even your portfolio, Without adding an additional ounce to your kit.

  • It’s just plain fun! Put the delight and the creativity back in your shooting!


What is it, anyway?

It’s what you make of it; what you want it to be.

Above all, it’s about the human condition, about people, the way they act, the way they react, the way they move, the way they relate, the way they feel. It’s people watching.

  • It’s about their present; preserved for the future.

  • It can be about their presence, or their absence, their environment, the objects they use or discard. The things they build or make. The way they pass their time. Where they live. How they live.

  • It can be about community or loneliness, character or charm. 

  • It is always about light, about shade, sometimes it’s about color. 

  • It can feed your fiction, your story, your narrative, even your paintings.

It’s about what you see and how you see it!


Because, whether around your yard, your block, your town, your country, or the world, travel will:

  • Entertain you

  • Enlighten you

  • Broaden your horizons, show you other ways of living; of being.

  • Humble you

  • Challenge you

  • Excite you

  • Exhaust you

  • Enrich your life

  • Exercise you

  • Enhance your appreciation of home.

  • Introduce you to new friends, new insights, new foods, new experiences

  • Provide you with memories to last a lifetime and to share with your family, your friends, and the world.


Put all these things together with the eye of an artist and what do you have? The Art of Photography.

I STILL don't get it. What IS a SmartPhone Workshop/Tour?

Click HERE and find out.


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