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I've moved...

In August, 2010, I started a daily photo blog, That ran until October 2013. It featured photographs taken with a variety of digital cameras of the time.

In March, 2015, I began posting iPhone photos on my daily painting auction blog,, which ran from July 2010 through May 2018. (returning soon)

Then, in April, 2016, I found my way on to Instagram, @johnfarnsworthphotographer, and I'm still there, with no end in sight. I find Instagram inspiring, encouraging, and a great place to make new friends in the photographic community.

So why this new When a Painter Snaps blog?

  • Because I want to share more of my thoughts, mainly about photography, sometimes, maybe other things as well, especially travel.

  • Because I want to play around more often with extreme image shapes.

  • Because, having been interviewed recently (See I want to occasionally interview others.

  • Because I want to discuss, in depth, photographs and/or photographers that inspire me.

  • Because I want to share some of my own methods and ways of working.

  • Because I want to begin Vlog posting on occasion.

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