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Gaucho Fair

Come with me to the Gaucho Fair in San Antonio de Areco, Argentina... 

Meet me in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and we will travel together to San Antonio de Areco to join with thousands of Gauchos for their annual FIESTA DE LA TRADICIÓN 2019.

We will either take a bus or rent a car (your choice) for the hour and forty five minute drive to San Antonio de Areco. On the tenth, we will explore this small city on the banks of the Rio Areco, visiting:

  • museums

  • silversmiths

  • leather artisans

  • art galleries and studios

  • a special little hand made chocolate shop

On Saturday, we will attend the Feria, and on Sunday, the Grand Parade.

Interested? Drop me a line at for all the details, pricing, etc.

This is a big event in a small town, though, so time is of the essence. Rooms are already filling up fast. 

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