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Dia de los Muertos



Mexico City / Queretaro / San Miguel de Allende / Guanajuato

This will be an intensive, five day workshop, limited to two participants*, covering the Day of the Dead in Mexico City, and the Colonial Cities of Central Mexico, Queretaro, San Miguel de Allende, and Guanajuato, as well as the massive new parade in Mexico City. We will work hard, play hard, and have a ton of fun!


We will meet in the morning of October 27 in downtown Mexico City, El Centro, (location to be announced) for breakfast and to get acquainted. We will discuss the equipment we’re using, the kinds of shots we’re hoping for, and make our plans for the rest of the day. 


Sites we can choose from, all while experiencing excellent opportunities for street photography, will include:

  • Mexico City Cathedral

  • Zocalo, or main plaza (always something going on)

  • Museum of the Temple Mayor and ruins

  • Latin Tower, view from atop the tallest building in the city

  • House of Tiles

  • National Art Museum

  • Palace of the Fine Arts

  • The Alameda Central Park

  • Diego Rivera mural “Dream of a Sunday afternoon in the Alameda” museum

  • Museo de Arte Popular

  • Chinatown

  • Mercado San Juan Pugibet

  • Plaza Garibaldi, where the city's Mariachi bands hang out, waiting for gigs.


Later, we will gather in the Zone Rosa, scout for best locations to shoot from during the next day’s parade, then meet for dinner. look over the day’s shots, and discuss strategy and plans for shooting the parade. 


On the 28th, we will start early, shooting crowds, food vendors, etc., then the parade, followed by lunch in a nearby restaurant, where we will go over and discuss the shots of the parade, and make plans for the rest of the day’s shooting and exploration of the area including Antiques in the Zone Rosa, Chapultepec Park (great for street shooting) and Castle, the Mexico City Zoo, or, if you wish, we could visit Frida Kahlo’s home, Casa Azul, the Soumaya Museum, or any of a myriad of choices. The Dolores Olmeda Museum is a great spot for Day of the Dead activities. Dinner that evening will include more critiques and some introduction to post processing, the really creative part of photo making, mainly on Snapseed, with some other apps for special purposes.


On Monday, following breakfast, we will travel by bus to Santiago de Querétaro where we will enjoy a leisurely lunch on the main plaza in the heart of the historic central district, preceded and followed by a calmer, more intentional form of street photography.


There is much to see in this colorful Colonial city, from arts and crafts booths to sculpture, to churches and lovely parks and fountains. Mostly locals but some tourists, usually Mexicans from Mexico City, some indigenous vendors, lots of family activity, and a quiet, laid back atmosphere make street photography a pleasure.


We will have more time for hands on assistance with planning and getting the shots you want, anticipating great situations, and overcoming any fears regarding photographing strangers. If you prefer candid shooting, or direct engagement, or a mix of both, I will be happy to assist.


There will also be many opportunities here for shooting scenes, architecture, and found stilllifes.


In the evening, we will take a taxi to San Miguel de Allende in time for dinner, another workshop evening and an early start on Monday.


Monday in San Miguel de Allende! A photographer’s favorite. Color, people, history, charm, more subjects than you can shake a lens at. Shopping, galleries, a teeming plaza, you will want to stay longer, you will want to return. Again, breakfast and planning, shooting until lunch, more shooting until dinner time, with more workshop.


Tuesday morning, following breakfast, we will taxi to colorful Guanajuato. The architecture here is stunning, with narrow, winding alleyways, a central market, intimate plaza, historic theater, birth place of Diego Rivera, winding subterranean streets, open air markets, mummies galore, with sidewalks and open air markets full of life. In the evening we will taxi back to San Miguel de Allende for a farewell dinner and showing and sharing of our best photographs from the week.

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Now is the time to learn to see more creatively, shoot more, and make art like you never dreamed possible.

We will work hard, play hard, and have a ton of fun!

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