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Have I got a Custom SMARTPHONE workshop/tour for you!

An exciting, private, once in a lifetime photographic adventure.


Do you have an iPhone, Android phone, or even a point and shoot camera? An iPad Air, iPad Pro, or equivalent tablet?

Are you satisfied with the results you’re getting? Would you like to see more, capture more, create more with your camera?

Would you like to learn the basics of image processing and development using the apps on your phone or tablet?

If you answered Yes! and you want to have a real adventure while you learn and images you can proudly share on the internet or framed on your walls, then a Custom Smartphone Workshop/tour with photo artist John Farnsworth is for you.

GAUCHOS, the cowboys of the Pampas. Photograph the thrills and excitement of their annual Gaucho Fair, rodeo, parades, customs and culture.

ARCHITECTURE. Photograph the beauty of this Paris of the Americas, from old cathedrals to the unusual and the modern.

TANGO Enliven your photos with images of this most romantic of dances. On the street and in the milongas, tango is everywhere

You could pay as much for a guided tour, even a workshop, in which you would be crammed into a pre-packaged, pre-planned, please one, please all, experience, on a tour bus, with a schedule, and with little or no freedom of exploration and zero serendipity. Your teacher could be spread between you and 12, 15, or even more other tourists.

Or, you could spend a week, or two, with me at your disposal as a friend, mentor, and guide. We could decide, together, based on my prior knowledge of the area and its attractions, what to see, where to go, and when.  

Sharpen your artistic skills as a photographer. Learn to see more, and more creatively. Learn how you can bring out the best in your photographs. 

STREET PHOTOGRAPHY from bustling boulevards to intimate alleyways, there is always something going on to feed the need for exciting street photography

FINE DINING TO STREET FOOD Buenos Aires has it all. Pizza everywhere, and photo ops galore.

RECOLETA CEMETERY Famed resting place of Evita Peron, as well as so many others, from noted Generals to entire families.

iPhoneography has changed the world of photography dramatically in recent years. 

Photography has become available to more people than ever in history. 

Changes in processing, printing, and the internet have all combined to make quality, creative, and sharable art a reality for everyone.

It is now possible to have not only a stills camera, a video camera and a super computer, along with all their manuals, but a darkroom as well, in your pocket!

Now is the time to learn to see more creatively, shoot more, and make art like you never dreamed possible.

We will visit the many unique and fascinating neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, Palermo, Recoleta, Puerto Madero, Boedo, Palermo Viejo, San Telmo, Mataderos, Boca, Monserrat and others.


We will visit interesting sites, events, and artisans, we will shoot street photography, still lifes, food, whatever interests you! Just let me know ahead of time what you need help with and what interests you the most. I will make suggestions as well.

We will choose from sightseeing, exploring, festivals, markets, museums and the many neighborhoods of Buenos Aires

We will travel by plane, train, bus, taxi, van or self-drive. The choice is yours.

Tell me what you want and your goals as a photographer, and together we will build a framework for a vacation of a lifetime, and a workshop experience designed specifically for you, while remaining open to adventure, serendipity, and a flexible, personalized schedule.

Where else would you like to go? What would you like to learn? What are your other interests?

1 participant: $400 per day, minimum 5 days,

2 participants: $300 per day, each participant, minimum 5 days,

(plus transportation, lodging, meals, etc.)

Custom Buenos Aires Smartphone workshop/tours are currently available during

November and December, 2019 and January, 2020.


to book your own


  SMARTPHONE Workshop/Tour




SMARTPHONE Workshop/Tour

Join photo artist John Farnsworth and hundreds of colorful Gauchos of Argentina in San Antonio de Areco for the photo ops, fun, excitement, (and dust) of their annual three day gathering, fair, rodeo, and camaraderie known as the Día de la Tradición... 

Super Custom Explorer's

SMARTPHONE Workshop/Tours

with Photo Artist John Farnsworth


Send me an email,

Let me know where you would like to go in the world, what you would like to do, what you would like to learn while there, and when you would like to go.


Together, we will discuss, design and plan (loosely) a trip of a life time and a workshop just for you.


We could choose from sightseeing, exploration, festivals, street photography, markets, and museums, We could travel by trains, buses, taxis, self drive, you name it.


Limited to two participants, maximum.

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